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For people 50+ who are thinking about retirement, this complimentary seminar is a basic overview on Social Security election, investment planning and long-term care strategies, including:

  • When to file for Social Security to maximize your payout
  • How to replace your paycheck with smart planning
  • What are your odds, costs and options for long-term care?

Complete Guide to Navigating Retirement (Parts 1 & 2)

Attend one of the FREE seminars below, hosted by either AAA Life & Retirement Services or Northwest Planning. The more you know, the better equipped you'll be to make these important life decisions.

For those who are near or in retirement, this interactive, two-part workshop provides a deep dive into practical applications of the Retirement Road Map™ concepts. Learn how to incorporate the elements of income planning, risk management, life insurance and long-term care into a strategy that empowers you to realize your retirement dreams. Topics include:

  • How to elect and maximize your Social Security
  • Determining if you have enough money to retire
  • What are your long-term needs and costs for non-medical assistance?
  • How to invest and diversify with a fixed income
  • Trusted advice on estate planning, Medicare and life insurance
  • How to vet a Financial Planner

There are currently no seminars scheduled. Please check back for updates.

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