Pet Insurance


Protect Your Four-Legged Family Members

With Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, you can give your pet the best medical care possible.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, the #1 customer rated pet insurance company, is offering their top-rated plan that covers everything including injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions, and emergency care to AAA members at a special lifetime discount.

Protecting your pets’ health with Healthy Paws makes it easy to give them the best medical care while protecting your bank account from expensive veterinary bills. If your pet needs treatment for any accident or illness, and it’s not a pre-existing condition, you’re covered. It’s that simple! 

We want you to focus on your pet’s care not the cost. So our plan provides unlimited lifetime benefits with no annual or per incident caps. Healthy Paws is the only pet insurance company that offers unlimited lifetime benefits with an annual deductible.

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