AAA School Safety Patrol

Training Videos

AAA School Safety Patrol

School Safety Patrol Training Videos

Informational videos to help train patrollers and advisors.

Patroller Training

“At Your Post” is a 20-minute training video for students and advisors, explaining and demonstrating School Safety Patrol duties.

Working on computer

Advisor Training

A series of videos created for advisors looking to manage and lead a successful AAA School Safety Patrol. Please play them through Google’s Chrome browser, where they work best. For your first viewing, it’s helpful to watch the 5 modules in numeric order.

Module 1: How to navigate the SSP Website

  • Getting around
  • Available resources
  • Contacts

Module 2: Supplies & Materials

  •  Online catalog
  • How to order
  • Available grants
  • Flags & vests

Module 3: Operations Manual

  • Using the manual
  • Important paperwork
  • Setting a Safe Gap
  • Search patterns & patrol situations

Module 4: Training Videos & AAA School Safety Patrol Rules & Regulations

  • For patrollers
  • For advisors
  • State rules & regulations

Module 5: Hall of Fame

  • How it works
  • Busting myths