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AAA Mobile Battery Service utilizes state-of-the-art technology to accurately diagnose your battery-related problems, so we can get your car started and you can get back to your day. We’ll even replace your battery with a brand-new one if necessary*, at a special member price. Best of all, we’ll come to you – at home, the office, the mall, or on the road.

*Replacement battery service not available in all areas.

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​With the purchase of a new AAA battery, members enjoy these additional benefits1:

  • A high-quality AAA battery that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Battery installation included. Some difficult installs may incur an additional charge.
  • A six-year limited warranty with a three-year free replacement period.
  • Mobile warranty service that comes to you available throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • Safe disposal and recycling of your old battery.

To take advantage of AAA Battery Service, request service below or call 1-800-AAA-HELP. AAA Battery Service counts as one of your Roadside Assistance calls – though the call is not counted when you purchase a new AAA Battery!

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1For more information see Emergency Road Service Terms and Conditions.


Take the following factors into consideration when shopping for a battery: 

  • Quality of battery - The length of the battery’s warranty and free replacement period is usually a good indication of the battery’s quality. 
  • Installation of the battery - Installation of the battery is sometimes a separate cost, and without a mobile service you have to go to a shop to have it done.
  • Testing your battery, starting and charging system - There sometimes can be additional
    charges to determine the state of your battery, starting and charging system.
  • Battery Recycling – There may be a “core” charge to dispose of the battery properly.

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Battery Basics

The life expectancy of the average vehicle battery is three to five years. A failing battery can cause a vehicle's engine to turn over slowly. Key factors that affect a battery's performance are age, usage, and weather.

Increased usage of computer technology in today's automobiles requires professionally trained technicians to service electrical components. "Bargain" batteries often do not meet manufacturer's specifications for that particular vehicle. An under-rated battery could harm other electrical components in the vehicle. Battery freshness is critical.


Fresh: In the automotive business, a new battery rolling off the line and out to consumers is referred to as being “fresh.” We can assure you that with the purchase of a AAA battery, you now have one of the freshest batteries available in your vehicle. 

This high-quality product has been thoroughly tested. But just in case your battery should ever act, well, not so fresh, it comes backed by a 3-year, free-replacement warranty valid throughout North America. That means if your battery should ever quit working due to defects in the next three years, a certified dealer of AAA batteries will install a brand new one for you at no charge. 

Note: Battery replacement is not always necessary. For example, leaving your lights on will drain your battery, but a boost or jump-start can quickly and reliably get you moving again. 

Re-Fresh: What happens to your old battery? You might say we send it away to be re-freshed. AAA Battery Service takes special care to ensure your old battery is removed, handled and recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Ninety-eight percent of it will be recycled into new products.

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