Critical Illness Insurance

You want the freedom to live your life your way – and that’s worth protecting. Should you ever face a critical illness, you’ll want the freedom to focus on what’s most important: your recovery. Help prepare with a Critical Illness Insurance policy offered by AAA. This policy is designed to cover what health insurance doesn’t. If you’re diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, stroke, or another covered illness, you’ll receive a lump sum benefit of up to $75,000 to use however you want. It’s money to use for out-of-pocket medical expenses like deductibles and copays, paying your mortgage and other monthly bills, taking care of your family, replacing lost income – literally whatever you need.
Adult son hugging his elderly father.

Disability Insurance

Although most people know how much insurance they have on their homes, very few understand what coverage they have on their income. Income protection is a simple insurance policy that replaces part of your monthly income if you become too sick or hurt to work. Think of it as protection for your greatest asset – your ability to earn an income.
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