Retirement Planning

Thinking About Retirement?

Every retirement journey begins with many questions, such as:

  • How to plan for retirement?
  • When to retire?

If you have questions about retirement, AAA Washington Life and Retirement Services and its partners at Fortress Mega* are here to help with expert answers and knowledge. You can attend free webinars, call us, or browse the valuable resources to ensure that your retirement journey is on the right track.

Retirement Planning

Webinars: Successful Retirement Starts Here

If you are older than 50, your retirement planning needs are more specific. Our free webinar, Successful Retirement Starts Here, will guide you through Social Security election, investment planning, and long-term care strategies, including:

  • When to file for Social Security to maximize your payout
  • How to replace your paycheck with smart planning
  • What are your odds, costs and options for long-term care?

Upcoming Retirement Webinars


  • How Are Your Social Security Benefits Calculated?

  • How To Strategize For Your Social Security Benefits

  • What are Required Minimum Distributions and How Are They Determined?

*Fortress Mega is one of AAA Washington’s partners. It offers expertise and education for AAA members.
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