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Why Choose AAA Homeowners Insurance

  • Protect your home and investment
  • Competitive rates and discounts
  • Coverage from foundation to roof
  • Trusted agents help you get the right coverage
  • Bundle and save on your home and auto insurance

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance is available with a variety of AAA-represented companies for qualifying homes. This coverage provides the opportunity to repair or replace your home’s structure and some personal property in the event an earthquake damages your property.

Water and sewer-line insurance

Do you know that your home insurance generally does not provide repair coverage for your underground water and sewer pipes leading to the street? Over time, unpreventable, environmental conditions cause exterior water and sewer lines to deteriorate. The cost to locate, excavate and repair these underground service lines can have a serious impact to your finances.

Protection for investment properties

Whether you are an accidental landlord, an Airbnb host, or the next celebrity house-flipper, we have coverage for your landlord policy needs. And if you have your assets in an LLC, we have insurance providers that will allow us to provide the right coverage for the right entity. In addition, one of our carrier partners has developed a continuing education series and a designation that focuses on the needs of
today’s landlords.
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