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As a member of AAA, you now have the resources, protection, and peace of mind provided by the largest and most experienced emergency road service program in the nation. Read through this guide and keep it handy for future reference. It will tell you what you need to do when you require emergency assistance on the road, provide detail for the emergency road services covered under your membership, and provide additional terms and conditions applicable to emergency road service.



When you need assistance from AAA on the road, call the 24-hour AAA Emergency Road Service phone number – (800) AAA-HELP ((800) 222-4357). This number is also printed on the front of your membership card. Please keep your card with you at all times. In order to efficiently expedite your service request, be prepared to provide the customer service representative with your name, membership number, club code, expiration date, type of vehicle, nature of the problem, exact location of the vehicle, and tow destination (if towing becomes necessary). You may also contact us by submitting an online request for emergency road service from the automotive home page.

Remember, AAA membership benefits are granted to the member, not the vehicle. Emergency road service (ERS) is designed to assist you in an emergency when you are stranded with an eligible disabled vehicle, whether you are the driver or the passenger.


Vehicles eligible for AAA Classic, AAA Plus and AAA Premier emergency road service are four-wheeled, motor-driven vehicles of the passenger or pleasure types. Rented passenger vehicles and pickup trucks, including dual-wheeled pickup trucks, also are eligible. Under AAA Classic, AAA Plus and AAA Premier, motorcycles are eligible for locksmith and fuel delivery services only. Bicycle service applies to any eligible bicycle a member is riding at the time the bicycle is disabled. Bicycle and rider are eligible for transport service only, up to a distance based on the level of membership.

In addition to vehicles eligible under AAA Classic, AAA Plus and AAA Premier, a AAA Plus RV or AAA Premier RV membership provides you with coverage for the following eligible vehicles: motorcycles, factory-built RVs, pickups with campers (including those with dual-wheels); Sprinter-style vans, vehicles with 1.5 or 2-ton load capacity, 1 or 2 axle trailers for snowmobiles, personal watercraft, golf, single car, utility, and select small rental trailers that meet specific outlined trailer guidelines.

Box vans, cube vans, trailers with more than 2 axles, van or truck cutaways, taxicabs, limousines, shuttle vehicles, hearses, emergency responder vehicles, commercially configured vehicles including but not limited to: flatbeds, landscaping vehicles, vehicles that are larger than a 2-ton load capacity, dump trucks, school buses (including RV conversions), corporate fleet vehicles, vehicles used for competition, vehicles with a snowplow attachment, and vehicles primarily designed for off-road use, regardless of local ordinance, are not covered by AAA emergency road service.


ERS is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the United States and Canada. (From time to time, service interruption may be possible. Please refer to the sections "Alternate Service" and “Your Patience Is Appreciated” in these terms and conditions for further explanation.) Service is intended to provide emergency assistance to enable a vehicle to operate under its own power or to transport it to a place of repair. It is not intended as a solution for a pre-existing condition or a substitute for proper maintenance. Statements made by a representative of AAA Washington or any of its affiliates regarding service coverage do not supersede the terms and conditions as they exist at time of service.

Members may request ERS in accordance with these terms and conditions, but after four road service events within a membership year, members will be assessed an out-of-pocket fee that is payable to the service provider at the time of service. Vehicle restrictions and service limitations apply. Road service events, including those for bicycles and reimbursements, will be counted.

Members traveling outside of AAA Washington's territory that exceed four road service events will be charged at the scene or by bill. When the membership year is renewed, a member's original membership plan is reinstated and services will be provided at that plan level (AAA Plus, AAA Plus RV, AAA Premier, or AAA Premier RV) upon payment of the annual dues.

New members, including Associates, added to existing memberships, will be provided the Classic level of service for the first five days of membership, regardless of the membership plan paid for when joining. After five days, ERS requests will be provided according to the new member's membership plan level.

Upgrading to AAA Plus, AAA Plus RV, AAA Premier, or AAA Premier RV is available to members at any time, and we recommend reviewing the plan options periodically. Upgraded members, including Associates, added to existing memberships, will be provided road service at the prior membership level for the first five days. After five days, emergency road service requests will be provided according to the upgraded membership plan level.

AAA Associate memberships extend AAA services to any household member residing at the same address or any children away at school. All Associate members will receive the same level of coverage as the Primary member, whether the Primary membership is Classic, Plus, Premier, Plus RV, or Premier RV. Like primary members, after four road service events, Associate members will be charged a fee that is payable to the provider at the time of service. Multiple memberships for the same individual, Primary or Associate, are not permitted.


Service providers who provide ERS services are independent contractors that have contracted with AAA to provide services to AAA members. AAA does not control, supervise or assume any responsibility for the performance or methods of operation of such service providers If there are damages resulting from the road services provided, AAA Washington is not liable and you agree that your sole remedy is against such service provider. Responsibility for any loss, damage or unsatisfactory workmanship remains with the service provider providing the service. Pictures of your vehicle may be taken before and after service has been rendered. Should an issue arise, AAA will make every effort to assist the member in seeking resolution when appropriate by acting as a liaison between the member and the service provider.



Towing service is provided to eligible vehicles that cannot be started or driven safely under the vehicle's own power. If roadside first-aid measures fail to get the vehicle going, members may have their vehicle towed at AAA's expense from the point of breakdown to a place of repair within the driving radius allotted by their type of membership. For special guidelines regarding RVs and trailers, please refer to the section titled Limitations Concerning AAA RV Service. Additionally, please refer to the section titled Non-Emergency tows for towing exclusions.

AAA Classic provides members with up to five miles of towing. With AAA Plus and AAA Plus RV, you substantially increase your towing privileges – up to 100 miles of towing. With AAA Premier and AAA Premier RV, you will receive up to 200 miles of towing. In addition, with AAA Plus RV and AAA Premier RV, in the event that a breakdown occurs to the vehicle towing a one or two-axle travel, boat, horse, motorcycle, snowmobile, golf, utility, or single-car trailer, a second road service event can be used to get the trailer to the home address on file or a storage facility. This storage facility provision is only applicable to RVs. Members or a representative must be available to secure it upon delivery. Please read the section regarding limitations for AAA RV and trailer service for more information. Due to the size of some RVs, not all AAA service providers are capable of providing tire changing, towing, and winching services.

ERS service providers utilize towing equipment as prescribed by vehicle manufacturers. If a member requests equipment not mandated by the vehicle's manufacturer for the safe transport of the vehicle (e.g. a flatbed), the member will be required to pay any additional fees to the service provider at the time of service.

After regular business hours, when most repair facilities are closed, vehicles will be dropped at the repair facility site and the keys placed in the key drop box, if one is provided by the repair facility. Arrangements with the repair facility are the responsibility of the member. Any storage fees that a repair facility might charge will be the member's responsibility.


If your battery is run down and your eligible vehicle won't start, AAA will come to your aid. We'll give the battery a jump-start or make minor mechanical adjustments to place the disabled vehicle in operating condition, if permitted by the vehicle's manufacturer. Service does not include replacement parts. If the vehicle cannot be started, towing will apply for eligible vehicles as described in the "Emergency Towing" section. This benefit does not include battery service to motorcycles, boats, jet skis, golf carts, or snowmobiles.

In greater metropolitan areas, AAA provides mobile battery service. This efficient service comes to your home, business, or other convenient location to test, jump-start, or if you choose, replace your battery on the spot with a AAA-branded battery at a member-discounted price. When calling for service, AAA's customer service representatives will be able to advise whether this service is available at the desired location. Mobile battery service calls involving the purchase of a AAA battery or the warranty replacement of a AAA battery will not be counted as a road service event.


If locked out, service will be sent and an attempt will be made to gain entry. If the service provider cannot gain entry, or the key that operates or provides access to the passenger compartment of the vehicle is lost or broken, locksmith service may be required. Any time locksmith service is required, coverage is available up to the dollar amount and services allotted by your membership as described in the section below.


If locksmith service is needed, service will be sent if it is available in the area. In order to ensure the protection of the vehicle, the registered owner must be present and must present their photo identification and their vehicle's registration papers prior to the replacement of an ignition key.

  • AAA Classic provides up to $50 for locksmith service for replacement or recovery of one ignition key only.
  • AAA Plus and AAA Plus RV provide up to $100 for locksmith service for replacement or recovery of one ignition key only.
  • AAA Premier and AAA Premier RV provide up to $250 for locksmith service for replacement or recovery of one ignition key only.

Due to continuing advances in technology and manufacturer-programmed key codes, we may not be able to make new keys for some vehicle makes and/or models. Towing will be provided if locksmith service is unavailable. This benefit does not include coverage for duplicates or copies of keys, locking gas caps, trunks, lockable compartments, or anti-theft devices. Replacement or repair of ignitions and their components is not covered.


If the eligible vehicle's spare tire is inflated and legal, it will be installed to replace a flat tire. Towing will apply for eligible vehicles without an inflatable spare tire as described in the "Emergency Towing" section


An emergency supply of fuel, if available, will be delivered to the disabled eligible vehicle to enable driving to reach the nearest source of fuel, unless delivery is prohibited by law or by the service provider's insurance company. AAA Classic members are charged current pump prices for fuel delivery. AAA Plus, AAA Plus RV, AAA Premier and AAA Premier RV members are provided an emergency supply of fuel at no cost.

Specific brands, quantities or octane ratings are not guaranteed. Diesel is not available in all locations. If fuel is not available, towing provisions will apply for eligible vehicles as described in the "Emergency Towing" section. This benefit does not include delivery of fuel for use in portable or on-board generators, boat engines, jet skis or snowmobiles.


AAA will provide winching service if the eligible vehicle can be safely reached from a public highway, road, thoroughfare, driveway or parking lot. AAA Classic provides one service truck and driver for winching service. With AAA Plus, AAA Plus RV, AAA Premier and AAA Premier RV, a second truck and driver, if required, will be provided for up to one hour at the scene at no charge. If additional personnel and/or equipment are required, any associated costs are at the member's expense and payment will be required at the time of service to the service provider.


AAA Plus RV and AAA Premier RV memberships provide towing and winching for eligible trailers, motorhomes, and pickup trucks with campers to a licensed repair shop or the home address on file. For these vehicles, AAA will pay up to $500.00 per call with a maximum of $1000.00 total per household over the course of the membership year. RVs and trailers must have current registration. AAA will not tow RVs or trailers with temporary registrations or trip permits. Service outside of these parameters will be at the member’s expense. Members cannot make multiple requests for the same road service event to obtain more than the $500.00 limit. Dollar amounts cannot be rolled over to the next membership year.

Loaded trailers (e.g. livestock, construction equipment, firewood) may need to be unloaded, at the member's expense, in order to render safe service. Care and protection of the trailer and the member's property, as well as the safety of AAA's service providers, will be the deciding factors. Each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis as determined by AAA and its service providers.

Winching coverage does not include retrieving boat trailers immersed in water. Coverage for boat trailers on designated boat launching ramps will be provided to the edge of the water. Service may not be available for trailers when traveling out of AAA Washington's service territory. If charged for a service that would have been normally provided within AAA Washington's territory, members may apply for reimbursement consideration.


Towing for vehicles that are disabled as a result of accident, fire, theft, or vandalism will be provided from the impound lot (after all fees are verified as paid) to a repair facility or the address on file. Police-ordered tows from the point of recovery are not covered and are not reimbursable by AAA emergency road service. Any extra fees incurred for towing these types of disablements (i.e., additional personnel, mileage, or special equipment) are the responsibility of the member and must be paid to the service provider at the time of service.


Towing or servicing vehicles that have been altered will be evaluated by AAA and its service providers on a case-by-case basis. Care and protection of the member's vehicle and the safety of our service providers will be the deciding factors. In some cases, in order to tow, a member may be required to sign a damage waiver release. If service is provided, additional charges for personnel and equipment may be required and are the responsibility of the member and payable to the service provider at the time of service. Examples of alterations include, but are not limited to, vehicles that are lowered, raised, have after-market kits installed, have extra-wide or oversized tires, and pickups with modified beds.


Services that are not covered or provided by AAA include, but are not limited to, non-emergency tows, battery charging, delivery and replacement of vehicle fluids, repair costs and preventative maintenance, tire repair and tire rotation, installation and removal of chains, and transport to or from disposal facilities, vehicle transport facilities, impound lots and auction lots. Using ERS services for commercial purposes, using ERS services as a substitute for regular maintenance, allowing others to use road service events intended for the member, obtaining multiple memberships to extend service, making multiple ERS requests with the intent to extend tow mileage limits and any other excessive or inappropriate ERS use are prohibited. Vehicles purchased in an inoperable condition or missing major components (e.g. engine, transmission) are not covered for emergency road service.


There may be times when AAA ERS is not available and a member may need to obtain service from a provider not associated with AAA. If service is not available and the member has followed the procedures outlined in these terms and conditions, the member may obtain service elsewhere, pay for it and submit the original itemized receipt to AAA within 120 days for reimbursement consideration. AAA will reimburse the member up to the limits of the membership level at prevailing commercial rates for the region. If AAA ERS is available but is not requested or utilized through AAA and the procedures outlined in these terms and conditions, AAA will reimburse members at the prevailing contracted rate that AAA pays to its service providers, subject to the procedure set forth below for Reimbursements.


When requesting reimbursement for ERS, please scan and email the original itemized receipt indicating the date and the type of service provided, along with the service reimbursement form, to Receipts for service must be in the AAA member’s name. If requesting a prorated refund under the battery service warranty program, please include the battery sales receipt, failed battery test report and warranty paperwork. Alternatively, the original receipt, service reimbursement form and other relevant documents can be mailed to the address below.

AAA Washington

Automotive Services Department
P.O. Box 91246
Bellevue, WA 98009-9845


If you don't have cash or an acceptable credit card for reimbursement services or services not covered by AAA, your personal check for the exact amount will be accepted by the responding AAA service provider upon presentation of a current membership card and proper identification.


Your AAA ERS coverage is valid throughout the United States and Canada. However, slight variations in the method of delivery of service may be experienced when outside AAA Washington's geographical territory. Due to the size of some RVs, not all AAA service providers are capable of providing tire changing, towing and winching services. Service outside AAA Washington's territory is provided according to the rules and regulations of the AAA/CAA organization in whose territory the disablement occurs. Members may apply for reimbursement consideration, up to the limits of the membership level, if charged for a service in another AAA/CAA organization's territory that would have been provided without charge if the disablement had occurred in AAA Washington's territory.


AAA's goal is to provide efficient, quality service to our members. Service delays and interruptions are sometimes unavoidable, due to metropolitan traffic congestion and heavy demand for service during unusual conditions. Extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, extreme heat, and snow and ice can create service demands that exceed available resources. In addition, natural disasters, civil disorder, hazardous material spills, fire and telephone or communication system failures may cause service interruptions. Without limiting any other provision of these terms and conditions, AAA and its ERS service providers shall have no liability for any failure of or delay in providing services due to causes beyond its reasonable control.


ERS is designed to assist members when they are stranded in an emergency situation with an eligible disabled vehicle. Members must be present at the time of disablement and when service arrives. In cases where remaining with the vehicle would jeopardize the member’s personal safety, they should discuss a place of safety to wait for service with a AAA representative. When service is rendered, the member will need to present their valid AAA membership card and photo identification to the service provider. As a reminder, ERS covers the member, not the vehicle. AAA's request that the member be present and provide photo identification is to ensure protection of the member's vehicle and property, and to reduce AAA and its service providers' liability. In some circumstances, the owner of the vehicle must also be present.

At the time of service, the member will need to accompany the vehicle to the towing destination. This is to ensure the vehicle is processed by the service provider and received by the designated tow destination as requested by the member. In the majority of situations, the service provider will be able to accommodate the vehicle driver and one passenger in their towing vehicle for the drive to the towing destination. Additional passengers most likely will not be able to be accommodated due to seating and safety belt capacities, and safety laws. Arrangements for their safe transport will need to be made by the member and will be at the member’s or passenger’s expense. AAA's customer service representatives will assist when possible.


AAA and its service providers are dedicated to delivering service for safety and repair needs. Members will be provided with one towing service per eligible vehicle disablement. Service for unattended vehicles, vehicles that can be safely driven, vehicles that are being towed to or from storage units, and tows from one residence to another residence are not covered under AAA ERS. Vehicles that have been inoperable for extended periods of time will be evaluated by the service provider to determine towing eligibility. Towing vehicles to or from disposal facilities, vehicle transport facilities, impound lots, and auction lots is not covered by AAA ERS. Utilizing AAA ERS in any of the foregoing circumstances, or for any other improper purpose, may result in the suspension or termination of the AAA Washington membership and billing for any services determined to be the result of improper use. Reimbursement for towing ordered by the police or other proper entity because a vehicle is illegally parked or impounded due to a violation of state or local ordinance is not covered by AAA.


ERS is contingent on the ability to deliver service using equipment available to AAA and/or its service providers. Additional equipment or personnel may be required at times to safely provide service. When this additional equipment or personnel exceeds the established benefit level of the respective membership level, these costs will be the sole responsibility of the member and the member must pay or make other arrangements with the service provider at the time of service.


ERS is not provided for disablements that occur on unpaved forest service roads; barricaded roads; logging roads; closed, posted or unmaintained roads; construction areas; creek and river beds; railroad beds; or railroad right of ways. Washington State allows public travel on many beaches and classifies them as highways; however, AAA service does not extend to beaches or any areas or roadways with sand. Additionally, vehicles that become disabled as a result of being driven on roads or in areas that are dangerous or inadvisable are not covered. Suitability of safe passage on roadways or areas will be determined by AAA and its service providers.

In the case of snow and ice, service providers will prioritize calls based on requests from local and state road officials that focus on accidents, interstates, highways and key intersection blockings. Other requests will be handled based on service provider availability and the determination of safe road conditions. Winching and extrication from snow and ice will be to the shoulder of the road when available. Once extricated, the vehicle will have to proceed under its own power. Towing solely due to weather conditions is not covered.


Ferry, toll-bridge or toll-road charges for the member's vehicle are the responsibility of the member. Fees of this nature for the service vehicle and service vehicle driver are covered by AAA.


Only AAA Premier and AAA Premier RV members are eligible to receive trip interruption coverage or reimbursement costs for rental vehicles, motels, etc. that may be incurred during an ERS disablement. Insurance coverage is underwritten by BCS Insurance Company under a Form No. Policy 53.203 (0115). Allianz Global Assistance is the licensed producer and administrator for this plan. For a full description of terms, conditions, and exclusions click here.


Your AAA membership must be fully paid and in good standing to be eligible for ERS Services. AAA reserves the right to cancel membership and refuse service for nonpayment of dues or fees, or for any use of ERS services that AAA determines, in its sole discretion, to be a misuse or abuse of AAA services, including without limitation, use of ERS services in any of the circumstances described in the Excluded Services section, using ERS services for commercial purposes, using ERS services as a substitute for regular maintenance, failing to pay for services to Service Providers, selling ERS services or improper transfers to third parties, obtaining multiple memberships to extend service, making multiple ERS requests with the intent to extend tow mileage limits, and any other excessive or inappropriate use of AAA and its resources.

AAA and its service providers reserve the right to refuse service to and/or cancel the  membership of any member who, in the sole discretion of AAA or its service providers,  engages in any of the following towards any AAA employees, associates and/or service providers:

  • verbal abuse
  • harassment or other bullying or intimidating behavior (for example, making obscene comments or using threatening body language or gestures, such as standing close to someone or shaking a fist at them)
  • aggressive or hostile acts (such as shouting, using profanity, throwing objects)
  • assault
  • behavior that causes another person emotional distress or creates a reasonable fear of injury or other adverse consequences, such as stalking
  • making threats, including without limitation, of a physical nature

Memberships that are canceled due to violations of AAA ERS terms and conditions are not eligible for any AAA services. Use of service after cancelation can result in billing for services rendered and/or forfeiture of membership dues.



Your AAA membership dues are non-refundable unless you cancel your membership prior to 5:00 p.m. PST on the fifth day following the initiation or renewal of your AAA membership. You may cancel your membership over the phone, in writing, or by email. To cancel by phone, please contact Member Services at (800) 562-2582 and provide your account name, membership number, and authorization to cancel membership. To cancel in writing, please mail your account name, membership number, and authorization to cancel membership to Member Services at P.O. Box 91245, Bellevue, WA 98009-9843, or email it to If you use mail to cancel your membership, the date and time of your cancellation will be deemed to be 4:00 p.m. PST on the postmark date of your cancellation notice. Otherwise, the date and time of your cancellation will be when Member Services receives your email or phone call. If you cancel within a timely manner, AAA will automatically refund your membership dues subject to the provisions of this paragraph. The cost of any ERS services you received prior to the effective date of cancellation will be deducted from your refund. Refunds of $5 or less will not be processed and refunds may be withheld if there is an outstanding balance on the membership account. The one-time enrollment fee is not refundable and will be deducted from your refund, if applicable.

AAA membership is an annual commitment and requires full payment of annual dues. However, you may pay your annual dues in automatic monthly installments, plus a $2 monthly service charge automatically charged to your credit card. All regular AAA terms and conditions apply, including cancellation and refund policies and the limit of 4 emergency road service events per membership year. Even after use of your 4th emergency road service event, your monthly payments will continue until the full annual payment obligation has been completed. In addition, if your membership is canceled by AAA for misuse or abuse of AAA services or otherwise, you remain obligated to pay any portion of the annual membership dues that remains unpaid at the time of the cancellation. AAA is authorized to charge that amount to your credit card at the time of cancellation. You can change your monthly payment plan to an annual payment plan at any time by paying the remainder of your annual membership dues. Members on a monthly payment plan who have a balance remaining and wish to start a new membership year must pay the balance due prior to reinstatement.


Except as expressly set forth herein, the ERS services are provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied, and are provided “as is” and “as available.” AAA shall have no liability for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from or relating to ERS services even if advised of the possibility of such damages.


We gather information about you to conduct business on your behalf, provide superior service, and communicate offers on products and services that we believe will be of interest or benefit to you. Click here to read the general privacy practices for AAA Washington and the privacy practices for our websites.


Membership dues, fees, and services are subject to change without notice. $2 is included in the membership fee for an annual subscription to Western Journey or Puget Sound Journey. This amount cannot be deducted.

AAA may amend these terms and conditions from time to time by posting a new version to its website at Changes will be effective upon posting. Use of ERS services following the posting of updated terms and conditions to our website will indicate your acknowledgment of, and agreement to be bound by, such changes. Current terms and conditions for ERS services may also be obtained at our retail locations or by requesting a copy by mail at:

AAA Washington

Automotive Services Department
3605 132nd Avenue Southeast
Bellevue, WA 98006


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