Kathleen Collum’s Top Picks are now available to purchase on AAA.com

We’re pleased to announce that the great travel products Kathleen has recommended over the years are now available online to purchase. These are the same high-quality, long-lasting travel accessories that help you pack like a pro!

Don’t miss the great savings (up to 20%!) available from each vendor by browsing their products. And remember, you’re eligible to get a 5% discount applied at check-out when you use the promo code: “AAA260”


Travelpro is the luggage brand of choice for travelers, with an expanding array of bags designed for everyone from the business travelers to the family-trekkers.
  • Man with bag crossing street

  • Security lock on a travel bag

  • Woman with backpack boarding a train

  • Travel bag with wheel coaster


Talus has provided problem-solving products since 1985, designing useful innovations that keep cars neat and travels smooth, so you can focus on enjoying the journey.
  • Girl with cooler

  • Dog behind mesh-net backseat cover

  • Phone charger outlet

  • Carseat travel bag full of dog treats (with dog in passenger seat)


Hedgren bags make life easier and more comfortable by balancing purpose, style and quality, all to create your favorite bag, a companion for every day.
  • Women carrying red purse

  • Man with luggage

  • Women with travel bag

  • Women with backpack


Shiraleah creates responsibly-crafted products inspired by different cultures from around the world, valuing the expertise, talent, heritage and craftsmanship.
  • Luxury bag

  • Women with purse

  • Jewlery

  • Purse


Baggallini strives for the perfect mix of fashion and function. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or the ultimate family trip, wherever you go, you’ll have it #InTheBagg.
  • Assortment of travel bags

  • Women carrying backpack

  • Women carrying purse

  • Passport bag


Sockwell is committed to making high-quality and sustainably-sourced compression socks that support the needs of its travel community and customers.
  • People wearing Sockwell socks

  • Man wearing Sockwell socks

  • Hikers walking with Sockwell socks

  • Women wearing Sockwell socks

Red Maps

Red Maps designs printed maps that highlights landmarks, attractions and hidden treasures along with descriptions of museums, historical sights and landmarks. Available for US and European Cities.
  • Cup of coffee next to a map of Vienna.

  • A hand drawn card and a notepad on a white background.

  • Person making their daily plan with a map and itinerary.

  • Books spines titled Dublin, New York City, and Paris facing the viewer.

Travel Tips and Packing Workshops

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From helping you comply with new travel regulations to recommendations on how to use international accessories, at any of Kathleen’s presentation you’ll find new insights to make your vacation planning even better!

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