It’s Nomination Time for the 2020 AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame!

Advisors: Do you have a star student you want to recognize for his/her outstanding work on your AAA School Safety Patrol?

AAA is now accepting nominations for the 2020 AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame. AAA recognizes all nominees; publicly honors the top 10 patrollers at a spring Seattle Mariners game.


How to nominate a patroller for the Hall of Fame

Each year, AAA Washington inducts the state’s top 10 outstanding School Safety Patrollers into its Hall of Fame. Judges evaluate nominees for their commitment to traffic safety, citizenship, leadership skills, and contributions to their AAA School Safety Patrol program. A recognition ceremony, hosted by AAA Washington, is held for these inductees and their families.

The School Safety Patrol Advisors may nominate one current-year Patroller who must:

·       Be enrolled in the highest participating grade level of their school’s Safety Patrol program.

·       Demonstrate leadership qualities, commitment to traffic safety, school involvement and citizenship/volunteerism.

·       Value the patrol experience.

To nominate a student, AAA School Safety Patrol Advisors submit the following forms:

·       School Patrol Advisor Nomination Form

·       School Safety Patroller Nomination Form - To be completed by the student in their own handwriting.

Don’t wait!

The nomination deadline is February 28, 2020

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